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Mobile Games Privacy Policy

User Data

Pulsar Media is comitted to providing a safe user experience where any personal data collected through the use of its mobile apps and/or games is held in strict confidentiality. We do not collude with third-party agencies or organizations in sharing your personal data for personal or financial gains. Furthermore, any and all personal information collected through our Google Play apps is stored on Google's servers - we do not store or save any personal information on our internal servers.

Personal and Sensitive Information

Pulsar Media does not collect personal and sensitive information through any of its apps or games on Google Play. We have no desire to collect your personal information unless its absolutely required by Google in order enhance your experience or for other such purposes as demanded by Google Play guidelines.

E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield

Pulsar Media, on its behalf, does not collect or disclose personal information obtaining to US or European countries.